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1, a number of names, male or female, age 25-35 years old, college degree or above;

2. Be proactive, dedicated, have good teamwork skills, be well organized, have strong communication skills, have strong communication skills and communication skills, and have affinity;

3. Being able to negotiate business independently, and it has been better to expand the bidding business;

4, sincere, practical, eager to learn, college education, there is a hard-working industry in the logo industry, team spirit and good professional conduct;

5. Have a professional qualification in real estate marketing planning or more than two years of work experience, manage and maintain customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers, and have rich experience in exploring customers, selling and maintaining customer relationships.

Computer draftsman:

A number of students, academic qualifications, skilled use of CAD, 3D, PS or SK (Sketch Master) and other computer graphics software, active work, team spirit, work experience in building model drawing (map) is preferred.


1. Building makers and chassis makers: many, skilled craftsmen, male or female, strong sense of responsibility, meticulous work, teamwork spirit.

2, building, green production staff, computer engraver, electrician: multiple, male or female, active work, strong sense of responsibility, students can apply for apprentices.

3, painting master: a number of names, more than two years of experience in color matching, painting, construction model work experience is preferred.

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