How to see the quality of the building model

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The building model is a powerful marketing tool used by real estate developers to display development projects and design concepts. As we all know, the building model is based on the actual scale. Generally speaking, it is relatively accurate, but it may be due to the following circumstances. It has caused some misleading to the owners. The following sand table model making company will explain to you.

First, the density illusion

There are quite a few cases like this. On the sand table, it seems that the building and the building are loose and transparent. The greening of the building is fresh and pleasant. However, when it is actually built in the existing house, it is found that the building and the building are actually very close.

Second, the design plan

In the process of project review, the relevant departments will require the project to be adjusted in some aspects. Therefore, the approved design drawings are definitely different from the original drawings, so that the model will be partially different from the actual delivered project. In addition, before the construction of the Construction Project Planning Permit, when the construction drawing was issued, after more in-depth research, the relevant parties proposed to make some layout adjustments to the original certification plan and reported it to the relevant departments for approval. This will also result in the original model and The difference in delivery engineering. In the above two situations, developers generally do not spend tens of thousands of dollars to redo the model because of this partial adjustment.

Third, the details of the beautification

The model company used some special materials in the model making process. Due to the characteristics of the material itself, the difficulty of the processing technology, the aesthetic effect of the model, etc., after the manufacturer negotiates with the developer and negotiates with the design unit, it will make some changes in the subtle part to better reflect the characteristics of the project. . Coupled with the landscaping design of lighting, the effect of the sand table model is generally very attractive.

Fourth, the viewing angle

The average person views the model from an angle of view, while the viewing scene is a flat view or a look up angle. Therefore, the sand table looks much more sparse than the existing house. To understand the architectural model, you should first understand the scale of the lower right corner of the sand table, and calculate the actual size according to the scale. The buyer can choose the size of the house according to the actual size, calculate the distance between the house and the house in the community, the height of the house, the size of the space, etc. Secondly, the building model can be viewed against the developer's house construction drawing to see if there is any increase or decrease. Whether the inner balcony is built outside the balcony, whether the direction of the passage changes, whether the layout of the apartment is reasonable, the lighting effect in the house, and the overall utilization rate of the area. Whether the layout of the room meets the planned standards, etc.

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