The Jingtuo model tells you how to judge the quality of a building model.

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The building model is one of the “artifacts” sold in the real estate industry. When you enter the sales office, you will usually see a beautiful sand table model. In addition, many large real estate companies will also produce relevant regional models and floor models. The real estate model can visually and clearly show the advantages of geography, transportation and apartment type of the project. Since the role of the real estate model can not be underestimated, I believe that every developer hopes to produce a good real estate model to achieve real estate sales. As a well-known model design enterprise in Beijing and even the national model industry, Shengshi Pente will briefly introduce the angle from which to judge the quality of a building.

1. Accurate model ratio. When watching the sandbox model, the attentive person will find that the scale and size of the model are usually annotated next to it. For the visitors, this may just help them understand the proportional relationship between the model and the real estate, but for the sandbox production company. In other words, this ratio is determined after careful design and repeated thinking. The proportion of each part must be carefully considered, so that the entire sand table model can be coordinated and beautiful. If the proportion is not set properly, even the professional production process will make the viewer feel awkward.

    2, clean, tidy appearance. As the saying goes, people rely on clothing, and the sand table model is also true. A clean and tidy appearance is an essential factor in the real estate model to attract attention.

3. Choice of materials. The choice of materials is also an indispensable condition for making a good real estate model. We need to select the appropriate materials according to the style of the project building and the display effect to be achieved, in order to create a high-end, textured real estate model.

4. Reasonable lighting arrangement. Different scenes are arranged with corresponding lights. For example, the residential model adopts warm color lighting to create a warm and livable effect. The commercial street uses colorful neon lighting effects to create a strong commercial atmosphere.

    5. Rich vegetation and essays. With people's yearning for the green environment, the green landscape has become a major advantage of real estate. In the real estate model, we should reflect the beauty of the environment as much as possible, but also pay attention to the closeness to nature; the style and location of the essays should be properly arranged, and do not let the viewers feel uncomfortable.

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