Talking about the configuration of the scene in the building model

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The scene configuration in the building model is also very important, just like the relationship between people and clothes, good-looking clothes can add icing on the cake. The art-filled scenes are equipped with a variety of materials to achieve a simple and vivid artistic effect, and also make the architectural model colorful.

    The selection of scene configuration materials in the building model should be based on the purpose of making the building model.

    A road: the road model has roadways, sidewalks, street roads, etc. When making roads, materials with different textures and colors should be selected according to the different functions of the roads (such as color paste paper color printing and other techniques). Roads should use materials with darker colors; sidewalks should use lighter and regular network materials; street roads should use light-colored materials. When making roads, use thin materials on both sides of sidewalks. 4. The height of the pad will also enhance the effect of the road with changes in the level.

    Second greening: The greening in the scene model can be divided into road greening and landscaping. The road greening is supplemented by the lawn and flower beds, and the landscaping is combined with the lawn and flower beds. The simple production techniques for greening are as follows:

    (1) Lawn: In the current green grass lawn, the materials used are nylon flocking lawn paper fiber viscose velvet powder sawdust powder dyeing, etc. The method of flocking lawn paper is to use the shape and size of the lawn required in the model chassis drawing. The tool is cut and then double-sided tape is applied to the position of the lawn on the model chassis.

    Viscose grass powder to make lawn technique: (A) Apply white latex to the position where the model needs to be made of lawn and then sprinkle the grass powder evenly. If the size of the chassis is small, shake the chassis while spreading the grass powder and gently Squeeze the position where the grass powder is sprinkled and leave it to dry. After drying, remove the excess powder and then trim the defect to complete the grass greening process. (B) Apply the double-sided adhesive to the model to make the lawn. Place the grass powder again and then use the back and forth to loosen the grass powder to make it even. This method is simpler and better.

    (2) Trees: Trees are an important part of the greening of the scene model. Trees that make architectural models have a basic principle that seems to be both right and wrong. In the modeling, the trees in nature are highly generalized in performance.

    (A) Production of ordinary street trees: Cut multiple strands or strands of copper wire according to the required ratio. Tighten the strands and pry the upper branches. Screw the shape and then color the trunk to dry. Sprinkle with glue to sprinkle grass powder or special tree powder. This method can be used to make common shrubs, pine trees, etc.

    (B) Production of coconut palm trees: The production of such trees is generally done with thick and appropriate paper. Cut the long strips of the trunk according to the required size (width is about 1.5cm~2cm wide). In the thin bamboo stick (can be replaced by a toothpick), roll it into a thin pagoda shape and use scissors to cut six leaves and glue it to the upper part of the pagoda-shaped trunk.

    Flower bed: In the scene, the flower bed can be made of colored sponge, viscose powder, powdered tree powder, etc., and some ready-made plastic pressed small flowers can be used after cutting. When making, according to the needs of the flower beds, different colors of materials are applied. can.

    (3) Water surface: In the scene model, the water surface is one of the frequently occurring scenes. The water surface should be slightly lower than the ground plane. When making the water surface with a small scale, we can ignore the height of the water surface and the road surface. Do not consider the blue plastic writing pad to be cut into a water surface shape. Stick the double-sided tape directly to the desired placement position. For example, when making a lake surface with a large water surface, the shape and position of the water surface in the scene will be dug out. The transparent plexiglass on the front cover at the corresponding position on the bottom is better.

    (4) Mountain: When the scene model is made, the hillside production is generally carried out by two methods: lamination method and gypsum production. The lamination method is simpler and more common. It selects the thickness of the laminate according to the proportional size and cuts the required material according to the shape of the contour line. The gypsum method is to use the gypsum powder and water to stir and make the uneven slope on the chassis to be dried and then sanded.

    (5) Street lights: The street lamps on both sides of the road can be made with fine steel wire or wire pins. The head of the pin is bent with pliers. It is best to use a pin on the shirt with a head bead. Use a thin steel wire and a silk necklace. Different kinds of small ornaments can produce various forms of street lamps through different combinations.

    (6) Architectural sketches: Building sketches in the scene model can play a role in enriching the active environment. The materials used to make the sketches can be made of plastic clay, gypsum, etc., which can be easily carved and engraved. It can also be made of plexiglass ABSPVC plastic foam sheets. Yupeng Park sports facilities seats and other public facilities. In addition, you can also find the available materials such as old toy trinkets for splicing into the required pieces. You can also use the waste cinder small cobblestone shells to make rockery and other landscapes.


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