Operational skills

  A large-screen projection or large-screen display will be placed in front of the sandbox for 3D or film performance of the project presentation. The specific video introduction will be selected by pressing the button on the sandbox or clicking on the corresponding area on the sandbox with a laser pointer.

A variety of touch-based multimedia interactive devices can also be designed around the sand table to introduce the project in detail and control the sand table model. At the same time, the sand table model will use the optical, acoustic and dynamic systems for holographic interaction, and realize the holography through the functions of lighting, lifting and other functions combined with voice. Interactive effects.

Each projection sandbox has its own theme. Our company in-depth study of the characteristics of each project, exhibition space and reception needs, from the film theme, sand table planning, interactive design and other aspects of customizing different projection sand table solutions, and strive to show the unique charm of the project, showing the determination and strength of the owners.

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