Core technologies

Sound technology: Use elegant background music with professionally recorded thematic voices to increase the appeal of the model.

Photoelectric technology: use imported rice bulbs to produce various special effects lights such as ceiling lights, street lights, street lights, environmental lights, neon lights, fireworks lights, car headlights, underwater lights, etc. to increase the appeal of the model.

Water technology: creatively developed a miniature closed true water system that vividly displays the true effects of water bodies such as rivers, lakes, streams, waterways, swimming pools, fountains, musical fountains, hot springs, and water mist.


Dynamic technology: has a number of high-tech electric model technology, such as micro-running cars, trains, airplanes, character fitness activities, electric rotating chassis, electric lifting chassis effects.

Remote control technology: creative free control of electronic control and dynamic system.

Image technology: Projecting a moving object such as a car, a train, or a ship made by a computer 3D into a model to increase the dynamic feeling; projecting a moving image such as a fire, a flowing water, a cloud, etc. produced by a computer 3D into a model to set off the atmosphere.

3D simulation: using 3D panorama and virtual roaming tools, stitching one or more sets of photos taken 360 degrees by the camera ring into a panoramic image, by pressing the button on the sand table, or clicking the corresponding area on the sand table with a laser pointer; In the former projector, a full-scale interactive viewing of the corresponding real scene is realized.

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