Exhibition features

The digital sandbox exhibit is a high-tech exhibition display method that combines artistic, demonstration and knowledge. The audience can enjoy the relevant knowledge in the specified area, and can control the video playback by clicking the corresponding option on the touch screen. At the same time interact with the sand table. The science simulation or simulation experience simulates fire extinguishing, and the large fire scene is displayed through the button. The large screen displays various fire scenes. The driller uses a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire on the screen. The sensors around the screen can detect in real time whether the trainer is right. Spray at the point of ignition. The driller must continue to fire at the fire to successfully extinguish the fire. The computer controls the fire to become larger and smaller according to the fire extinguishing situation of the driller, so that the driller can experience the result of his own fire extinguishing.

Compared with the traditional sandbox, the electronic sandbox is characterized by its good interactive experience. The intelligence and automation of the electronic sandbox make the electronic sandbox perfectly display the intelligent control features of the digital age, so that the pre-set parameters can be completely removed from the artificial The control realizes the stereoscopic and automatic vivid and vivid display, not only visually competing for the display effect but also exposing the human characteristics in the experience, so that the whole display has strong humanity, emotion and fun charm.

The reason why the electronic sandbox shows such great charm and potential lies in the fact that the electronic sandbox can diversify and integrate many interactive design technologies and innovative intelligent elements in the technical level, which brings people a kind of technology realization and audience experience. Unprecedented stimulation and enjoyment, thus greatly satisfying the different needs of customers in different fields, and at the same time can be customized for specific application requirements, thus allowing the electronic sandbox to fall into the same homogenization quagmire, based on electronic sandbox The fusion concept and application environment make it full of personality and brilliance. Whether it is from the structural design or the integration of interactive technology, the electronic sandbox shows the powerful application expansion of the electronic, and the virtual space reveals the stereoscopic space. At the same time, it is also possible to design and manufacture electronic sandboxes with different element styles according to the specific requirements of specific industries, so that the electronic sandbox can be introduced in the model house of real estate, the general situation of tourist attractions, the sand table in water conservancy and hydropower, and the sand table and government of military exercises. Planning exhibitions, etc. Extensive goodwill and innovative applications.

The innovative application technology of electronic sandbox is only a chapter of interactive multimedia innovation products. With the perfect integration of interactive multimedia technology and seamless grafting between multiple products, the display environment created by interactive technology will greatly enhance its display environment. Brilliant technology and potential business value.

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